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Meet The Pastor

Rev. Dr. Susan Pillsbury-Taylor (Pastor Suze) is known for her strong faith in Christ, her love for all God’s people, her gifts in preaching the Gospel and praising God in music and empowering others as disciples of our Lord. She is also a counselor, specializing in support groups as well as spiritual formation seminars using a variety of art mediums. Pastor Suze has been a United Methodist minister for nearly twenty years, but before being called to ordained ministry she was a professor of English and Creative Writing, and during her earliest years she explored her gifts of music through Paramount Records as a recording artist, singer/songwriter. One of her earliest albums has been reissued under Sunbeam Records as Susan Pillsbury CD which is available through Amazon.com. She continues to write and record music as well as to paint watercolors professionally, and it is this creative energy which she brings to serving Christ’s church.

Pastor Suze is married to Lee Taylor and has a family of unique dogs. She comes from a family of pastors and teachers and has a special heart for the performance arts and the myriad ways we can express our love for God.